How to Make Content More Engaging

katy tx best seo companyEffective content is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Dozens of styles and tactics are available for your use but how responsive your readers will be depends on your content. Here is a list of seven tips that you can apply for effective website content.

  • Listen in. It is very difficult to make an effective marketing campaign if you are working blindly. You might be employing lots of people to make content for you but if it is not what your niche wants, then it will not be read. By listening in on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and forum discussions, you will get a solid idea of what it is you should be offering instead of what you think you should be offering. There is a difference. Experiment on the types of delivery you should be doing. Some of your readers will want to read many details while others prefer to simply scan the page and move on. Many others are content just sitting back and watching while everything unfolds.
  • Tell stories. For a young brand, it is best to share stories about your brand exploits, company history, current trends, and customer profiles. This way, you get to show people the human side of your company, interesting anecdotes on your company’s birth, your unique offerings as a brand, and a reference point for everyone else to follow suit.
  • Engage your customers. It is a process that takes time to understand and analyze. Especially in B2B, consistency, patience in listening, and taking the time to understand and engage customers prove to be more valuable than stacking numbers in your campaigns.
  • Encourage catharsis. Emotions are naturally a part of your campaign. Here is a short list from Houston Uprising SEO of an emotional pathway that you can apply in your own content:
    • Negative (problem or fear)
    • Positive (relief, solution, or better future)
    • Neutral (rational, logical, or analysis)
    • Curiosity (desire, or imagination)
    • Objections (reason why or why not)
    • Scarcity (sense of urgency)
    • Trust (personal accounts, case studies, or statistics)
    • Call to action (clear steps to follow, guarantees, and reassurances)
  • Embed videos. These are proven to be three times more attractive than regular content. Integrate a video with your blog post. Even home-made videos which are relevant to viewers work well. No need for production budgets to get the results you need.
  • Do your research. Conduct extensive research to develop compelling stories. Know how it is to be in your readers’ shoes and gain their perspective. Identify the ideal prospective buyer and the profile of a developing buyer’s persona. Finding the middle ground between buyer interest and company offerings is your goal. Locate the content that touches on these and improve on it to create a unique experience that ultimately leads to conversion.
  • Make a statement. Use some traditional methods like creating catchy headlines and powerful leads. About half of your brainstorming for content should focus on this. Use simple words and memorable statements. Use short paragraphs for quick comprehension. This style cleans up your web page and makes the content more effective in creating a connection.



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