Creating Effective Video Content for Your Brand

video tipsIn making a video campaign, the first requirement is always to produce memorable and high-quality videos. After that comes the marketing side of things. There is a huge return of investment for your brand when your video content is not just well-made but also well-marketed. However, video content marketing does not consist of putting tags and video descriptions alone. To make your video content effective to its intended audience, read the following tips:

Youtube Videos

The first step is to join Youtube. Interbrand’s Top 100 shows that video production has risen from 4,760 videos to 7,175 per month, with a staggering $4.3 billion in aggregate production value. This focus on creating excellent content by top brands like Samsung, Nike, and Toyota indicates its incredible conversion potential — even for smaller brands. This also means that Youtube’s reach is practically universal in attaining your niche market.

Diverse Content

The more video content you have the better. This is a great opportunity to try out different video strategies and see which ones are most effective. Do not feel limited by traditional commercial air times. A peek into video rankings of top brands show that videos as short as 30 seconds to as long as 20 minutes are widely accepted by viewers. The most effective campaigns can easily be checked with analytics tools.

Website Videos

Make sure your website videos are all in one section of your website; like a gallery or portfolio. This gives it a professional look and makes it convenient for the readers to view them. You can sort the files by categories or by date. You can also incorporate Youtube videos of your product, blogger reviews, or the sales page of your website. Make sure to update the share links to sync it with the many social networks being used today. The goal is for your content to be shared by your followers to their community — who will most likely become regular-paying customers in the end. Remember that Youtube also automatically converts videos for compatibility among different devices like tablets and smartphones, so embedding its content to your site is a good idea.

Engaging the Community

A proven way to build trust among the community is to take advantage of the comments section. There, the most interested parties can engage in discussion that can turn into leads or revenue. One of the most creative examples is by Old Spice. By responding to community feedback and requests, they produced promotional videos which increased sales by 107%. Updates on the latest news about your brand can also be extended to your consumers with direct engagement in the comments section as well as through tweets.

Calls to Action

As your viewers enjoy your videos on Youtube, it is important to keep the momentum going and get them to choose your product. A call to action is needed because a good number of viewers are introduced to your brand through Youtube videos and not the other way around. Invite them to visit your website or put a “buy now” overlay on the video. Links to your website in the about section are also very effective.


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