Google Just Launched The Local Search Update Called “Pigeon”!

Uprising SEO - Pigeon UpdateFor the majority of businesses online, the main way they generate leads is through the local search results in Google. On July 25th Google shook things up yet again by adding a new pet to the Google zoo, the Pigeon! The pigeon update, as it is being referred to, is specifically targeting local search results and not in the typical fashion that we have seen Google do with past updates. This update is not a filter penalty, but a change in the core way that Google ranks local search results. The goal being to align local result rankings with more traditional SEO signals than what it was currently using.

Also in this update, Google removed many of the 7 pack listings that have been common for local search results for some time. From initial numbers those map listings have disappeared out of roughly 9% of the search queries, leaving them in just over 3%. This is quite a drop and could be affecting many businesses negatively who were only ranking in the 7 pack and not in the organic search results. One big query though that has reappeared after several years of being awol in the map listings, is for SEO and Web Design companies which disappeared in 09!

Don’t fret just yet though if you’ve lost a significant amount of traffic for your business. With the new changes, local directory sites have gained a boost in their local rankings, namely Yelp. Use this to your advantage and make sure your site is listed in all of the relevant local directory sites available to increase your local exposure online. Now would also be a good time to invest in doing SEO to your site to rank in the organic listings, or create a marketing video to rank. If you have any questions about this update or any others that might be affecting your site, be sure to drop us a line and well help you with any problems your having with the big G!

Written by: Uprising SEO


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